No C++ 17 Support In VexCode Pro?

With the first scrimmages fast approaching, my team has been hard at work getting our robot together. As part of this, I have developed an algorithm designed to ensure our turret always faces the goal. However, this algorithm makes extensive use of vectors, which received some crucial improvements in C++ 17. However, when I try to make use of these features in VexCode Pro, they don’t seem to exist.

Does VexCode Pro support C++ 17? And if it doesn’t, what is the latest version it supports?

If I recall correctly VEXCode uses C++14, though it should be fairly trivial to change the C++ standard in the makefiles.


The default compilation in vexcode is C++ 11, it can be changed in the file. Just set the flag -std=gnu++11 to -std=gnu++17. Sadly, C++20 is not yet supported.