No color rule?

How will skills work this year? I heard something about a no color rule, but couldn’t find it in the game manual. Is that a thing?

Yes, in skills all cubes are the same

So that means that if you get a purple cube in a tower, and stack a green cube, then the green cube will be worth 2 points?

For information about the skills challenge, please refer to appendix B. In particular, your question is answered by <RSC2>:

Yes, that’s correct (assuming no other towers have cubes placed in them, in which case any cubes you score would be worth even more).


So it will be interesting to see how this works out.

I think teams will first figure out how many cubes they can stack in a minute. Then, they will start to score one, two, three in towers and see how many cubes they can score with that. They will find their sweet spot as far as their score goes. Will they score in the towers first or score in the goals?

Very interested in seeing how this works out at the skills finals at WORLDS. The difference is a good twist to the game.

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Agreed- I am particularly excited for VEXU skills. With two robots scoring unobstructed and 5, 6, or even 7 cubes in towers, I expect high-level VEXU skills scores to get crazy high.


Great, thanks. Didn’t know that existed.

You may want to look over this page - it contains links to all the documents your team will need to read, and lots that are nonessential but helpful as well.


Thank you so much!!!

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It doesn’t Just have too be exclusively VEXU after all there is tether bots

Yes and it makes the skills maximum score 432 for each skills round and the combined maximum 862. For VEXU that is 440 and 880 respectively.