No colorado events qualify for state

No awards qualify for VRC state at Kent Denver. Does any one have an explanation

In our region (probably yours too) RECF is taking a while to determine what awards will qualify, and assigning them on the backside. Just this week, the winners of the event we hosted in August received their state bids.


If you can’t find what qualifies, you can expect tournament winners and exellence to get state tickets


and design and skills champion

Sometimes the event pages are slow to be updated to reflect which awards give state spots. In Colorado, especially high school, it will almost always be Excellence and Tournament Champions that will qualify for state due to small events and a low number of teams and our championship being 32 teams. I only recall one event having design qualify for state last season. But at the moment it seems that events are being updated to reflect the proper state qualification spots.

it just depends, we qualified off finalists at a 40 team tournement

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