No Electronics

Hi everyone,
Sorry in advance if this question has already been answered, but I am on a team in the San Fernando Valley in Northridge California. We are a new team and ordered our V5 parts way back in September, but they still haven’t come yet. We have built a robot the best we could without electronics, but we are not sure we will get our parts in time for the competition(which is on February 09 the last competition in our area). We don’t have any money to spend, and we have no idea what to do and are sort of panicking because we put a lot of time into our bot and don’t want all our effort to be wasted. Do you guys have any tips? Should we just try to contact local teams in the area and ask politely for parts?
edit: we got our parts from

If you bought your V5 gear from Robot Mesh, contact them at with your order number. If you ordered directly from VEX, you might want to call their sales department at 903-453-0802. Good luck.

Try asking for some old parts (V4/Cortex)

this is probably your best bet. try asking around other teams in your area, someone probably has extra cortex gear they’re willing to lend you.

According to the representative I spoke with, V5 back orders will be filled by mid February.

and when will they accept new orders and deliver before fiscal year ends?

They also said that all pre-orders would be fulfilled by the end of august and that stuff ordered in September shipped in 8 weeks. Right now I’m not inclined to believe anything vex says with regards to shipping time.

Not only that but they’ve gotten behind on other non-V5 shipping orders too.

I ordered at the beginning of August. Ordered 12 kits. Haven’t received any of the kits yet. Only thing to do now is just wait!

At least I know I’m not alone. I was told they ship by the end of the month, but I don’t trust them. I will just try contacting local teams.