No Green, Help please

When I plug USB to computer (Dell) and connect to V5 brain (using Vex Code V5) I do not have green that allows for code to be downloaded. I have added a device.

What step am I missing?

Issues I have had with that include needing a new micro USB, having a power only micro USB cable, missing a driver(on a bad Lenovo), and a teammate having broken the port inside of the V5 brain.


I have several brand new brains I purchased. All have yet to show green.

I’ve seen dell laptops that only usb ports on one side will communicate with a brain and not the other side.

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Steps you should try, in roughly this order:

  • Make sure no other software is running that tries to talk to V5 brains (e.g., the standalone firmware updater, or VEXcode Pro V5)
  • Try a different USB cable, ideally one you already know to work for transferring data
  • Try a different port on the same computer
  • Try a different computer

Thanks all for your help. I have tried every laptop with the V5 Blocks software. Not one USB port works with any of our robots. Clearly it is our laptops. My personal laptop works.

Umm, who admins the laptops? There is a way to disable the USB ports, lots of companies and schools do this to keep people from plugging random devices in.

If these are school laptops check with your IT support team.


We also discovered an issue with security on our laptops. All versions of VEXCode use a temporary file in the user path to compile the code. It’s difficult to discover, since VEXCode deletes this file after the download. Our security software on laptops prevents this. We’ve had to get laptops for our teams with this security function disabled specifically for use by the competition teams.

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