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When using Vex IQ Blocks, I connected V5 brain to USB on my computer. I have turned on the brain. I am not getting a green brain to download code to brain. What do I need to do?


have you checked to see if the USB cable is broken or the port on your computer? Also dumb question but have you connected a battery to the brain so it can turn on?

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Thanks for your quick reply. USB works. I have battery connected.

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I should say, ports are working. It sounds like cable is broken:( How else would I know if the cable is broken?

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Sometimes the micro usb cable is weird and you might have to wiggle it around and see if the green download appears. I don’t really know what problem you are having, but try that and see if that works. Maybe take the cable out and turn off the brain and try again? Is there anything wrong with the code?

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I have switched cords (because I have two kits), I have turned off and on brain, I have wiggled cord at port, still no green.

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hmm that’s weird maybe @jpearman might be able to help

I called Vex Support. The gentleman said that V5 brains do not talk to IQ blocks. I am pretty sure the tutorial uses IQ Blocks. I am certain that when I went to certifications and followed steps, I was asked to download IQ Blocks. Nothing indicated that IQ Blocks would not work with V5 brain.

@Michael_Vincent if you are using V5 hardware, you should be using VEXcode V5.

You can download it here -



But actually, was this information on the Vex website? That may be a bug/issue to be fixed.


Nope - here is the part of the lesson that addresses downloading programming software:

Start by downloading VEXcode V5 Blocks. Follow the instructions in the article written for your particular platform:

There are two ways to check if your V5 Robot Brain’s Firmware is up-to-date. The brain’s firmware is the behind-the-scenes programming that allows the brain to interface with VEXcode V5 Blocks and to run user projects.

The recommended way is to use VEXcode V5 Blocks which will alert you when the brain needs to be updated. Follow the steps in the linked article below to check the status of the firmware and update the brain as needed through VEXcode V5 Blocks.

How to check the V5 Brain’s status

An alternative way to check if the firmware is up-to-date is by checking the brain and VEX’s website. You can follow the steps in the linked article below.

How to check if your V5 Brain firmware is up to date

It was a long time since I took the certification course - so I had to look it up again …


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