No jrotc worlds?

I was wondering where the jrotc nationals were going to take place given that ive been checking the robot events website and nothing has been listed specifically for the jrotc division does anyone know anything?

I believe JROTC Worlds will run concurrently with VRC MS and VEX U Worlds again just like last year. Different from last year is that VRC HS will be first in the week, followed by VEXU/VRC MS/JROTC.


That is what I thought too but I just checked and @1064R is right as far as I can see about nothing being posted. It isn’t on the worlds page like it was last year.
Register for VEX Worlds 2023 - REC Foundation (

Ivan, I would talk to your mentor to maybe ask your Regional Support Manager.
There is also contact information about JROTC support here:

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Additionally, information on how to qualify for JROTC Nationals can be found here:

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