For some reason we have had 3 victor speed controllers die on us this week? No sparks, no smoke, we haven’t hooked them up backwards, but one day they are working, the next we get no LEDs, and no power output. The input power is the same for all the victors on our drive system (4 in a row) that each go to a CIM motor. We are using 40 am fuses for each victor. If we try to calibrate them, we usually do not get any response, but sometimes an LED will flicker, then go off? Any suggestions? I am going to rewire them tonight to see if I can catch some power issue, and I am also going to try them on different motors. I have looked at all the posts and they all seem to be associated with metal shavings, sparks, pops and smoke, and we have not seen any of that, and our controllers appear to be clean of any FOD.

**When the LED indicator is off, it means that either there is no power to the Victor or the Victor is not in neutral, full forward, or full reverse – assuming the Victor is working properly. Remove any connections to the output of the Victor. With a voltmeter, verify you have +12 Volts on the Victor Power Inputs oriented correctly. Remove the PWM cable and you should see a flashing Amber LED. When you connect a valid “neutral�? PWM signal to the Victor oriented correctly, the LED should be solid Amber or Yellow and not flashing. The Led should then go green for a full forward and Red for a full reverse condition. The LED will off when not in neutral, full forward or full reverse.

It is very unlikely that 3 Victors would die at the same time, I think your check for a power issue will turn up something.**