No more bots 'n' stuff wiki?

What happened to

Kyle didn’t want to pay for it anymore.

It’s true. is dead until somebody picks up the expired domain name.

Omg the almighty ruiqi is back

@Ruiqi Mao Any way I can help? I would love to donate. You should start a GoFundMe or Kickstarter. I’m sure people of this community will help you keep this great site alive!!!

Registration fees typically are $35/year at

@lacsap The starting bid for botsnstuff was 69, just for buying it. The yearly fee is probably a whole other can of worms.

Domains are typically cheap, like @lacsap says, about $35 per year (I’ve gotten domains in the past for $10 a year). The real costs come in if you need to pay for web hosting. But typically there are free ways to host basic websites, like

The web hosting historically has been packaged along with other sites Ruiqi was hosting and thus we didn’t have to pay. The only real cost now is owning the domain. (unless Ruiqi is no longer able to do its hosting)

I was just pointing out that those who were hosting had a $35 fee to pay. Not sure what’s renewal fee would be once expired. Having this happen to me once, it is not rocket science. Just pay it.

I’d be willing to rebuy the website, I can start a gofundme.

Whoever has this account should go pay for the renewal, otherwise it will go to bid and be a lot more.

The person doesn’t want to pay for it anymore :confused:

It’s already gone to a registry auction house:

I actually just bought the name from the original owner, and am transferring it to Google domains, because the $68 fee was too exorbitant. The site’ll be up soon enough.

@Harrison2 That’s great news!

Does anyone have an archive of all the previous pages on the site?