No option to turn on radio data - VEX IQ brain

I am trying to connect a VEX IQ 1st Gen brain with Blue smart radio to VEXcode on an Ipad to program it.

I am following the VEXcode IQ Blocks - “Wireless Downloading” Tutorial

I am stuck at the step where I need to turn on the Radio Data option in the settings menu on the brain. No option exists to turn the Radio Data on. In its place is the Pair Controller option underneath Erase User Programs. I have successfully paired the controller. The brain was recently updated using VEXos. Can anyone explain why the Radio Data option is not appearing for me? Has anyone else experienced this and was able to successfully turn it on?

Many thanks in advance for your help!

That option was removed in the very latest vexos release, it’s always on now.


Thank you! That was a very simple solution!