no purpose thread

this is for whatever any one wants to post. EX:

frowny:mad: hates smiley:) beacuse he took his girlfriend. his new girlfriend:o is embaresed to have guys fighting over her, the other girl is sad beacuse nobody likes her anymore. question dude can’t figure out why gas is like 100 bucks a gallon, roleyes:rolleyes: is wondering if the moon is really made out of cheeze. EEK! is supprised that a bee stung him, and cool is dating bald, britny spears who is obvously on drugs and, big grin is laughing at the stupidity of the world :smiley:
I made them 11 little people at the top with backslashes, l’s and /'s
but the spacing messed em up and I can’t post 11 ‘pics’

Me thinks, we’ve succumbed to a new low…

oh really? and just because this thread idea has popped up way too many times in recently