No Qualifications for States

Hopefully one of you can help me out with this but in the image that I posted I was very concerned that a tournament my team signed up for says that none of the awards qualify for States. Is this some kind of mistake…or is this actually the case for this tournament along with others I have seen this issue with.


They haven’t added the qualifications yet. That should happen later this summer or in the early fall. At least here in CA.

It’s the responsibility of the Regional Supoort Managers to assign which award qualify for state, in accordance with the Qualifications Document. Event Partners can’t do it.

Even if the event says it doesn’t qualify for anything, usually Excellence, Design and Tournament Champions and sometimes Skills Winners will, qualify for their respective regional championship

Contact the event partner - the contact info should be on the first page of the event.

VEX forum is not a good place to get definitive answers for events.

the recf rep can’t divvy up the qualification spots until all of the qualifying events has been entered into robotevents. In cali, i believe the deadline to create an event is in october, so don’t expect it to show up until after that.

They might not have decided which ones do yet, also this tournament might just not qualify, I remember (in California) that our team went to a comp in early September and no awards qualified, although this was starstruck, 2 years ago