No Raspberry Pi

I plan on hosting a IQ tournament next season, but I am not able to get my hands on any Raspberry Pis. The high cost and lack of supply are causing problems.

How can I have 4 monitors connected to my computer will running Tournament Manager and have everything work?

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My gut is yes.

I had three field queue displays running on Tournament operations so we could see the V5 Smart Field status - really great debugging resource.

IQ you do not have field controlling robots. Just sounds and visual.

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Can you beg/borrow a laptop for each display? To run a remote monitor, you really just need an HDMI port and a network port (or use wireless, if you prefer (we like to cable our stuff)).

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You could get a USB based video card to plug into a laptop that will add additional monitor outputs. I have used two of these (for a totally different project) to have 4 HDMI connected monitors showing different things run from a single laptop: