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I’ve found a lot of threads I cannot respond to and they’re not in official forums. The problem I seem to be having is that if I click on the log-in in the reply window that thread becomes eternally blocked, never again showing a reply block at the bottom. But if I’m already logged in, then I can go to any thread I haven’t visited and reply. I’ve tried reloading the pages, restarting the browser and the computer, logging back out and in. I can’t find a fix. Has anyone seen this behavior? Anyone have a solution?


Can you give examples? Do you have any links or thread names?

Its because they are official Q&A so only officials can

He says they are not official forums, so just gotta be sure ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Pssshhhhh i can totally read

I think I spotted some of the problems. The RobotC forum is not “official” but actually is, right? (Others are labeled “official” when they’re official; I don’t see why this shouldn’t be as well for clarity.) Another was in the general forum, but the original post has been deleted. Now that it’s deleted I can reply. I wonder if maybe it was being edited/deleted as I was trying to reply. Maybe the seeming pattern was just an odd combination of timings. I need to try to remember if there was a third or not.

This was the first place it showed up, where I said it now works. It acted just like an official forum:

The forum channels will show a popup with more info, for example, on the RobotC forum.

Yes, I discovered that more recently. I hadn’t hovered over it for long enough before, but I figured it out later.

But the general forum doesn’t register as official. And that’s where I first encountered the issue. I suspect it has something to do with an original post being edited blocking replies or something like that.



This is the first time I’m hearing of this issue. If you happen to run across it again, please post a link to the thread here, or send me a PM.

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I am having trouble writing a reply in the beta test forums. it either does not show up with the box to reply in or it comes up and says I do not have permission to post here. Any ideas?


All channels other than General Discussion can only be answered by official VEX Staff. Start a new thread in one of the official beta channels to get any of your questions answered.