No scoring in iOS version of VRC/VIQC Hub?

Has anyone gotten their scoring app to load in either VRC Hub or VIQC Hub on iOS. It’s an annoyance to not have them available and see them readily available for Android.

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What version/type is your phone?

13 Pro Max on 15.4.1 the most recent Pro Max version.

There was a similar issue last year where the iOS version scoring wasn’t available for some time.

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in my experience the ios application has been very flakey for the past few years. I was only able to get mine to work for a short time in the middle of the season last year, before or after that it showed nothing but a blank grey screen.

I’m hopeful that VEX Scoring App will update to spin up sometime, as it was a reliable scoring calculator that did when vrc hub is apparently no longer being properly supported to do.


Is there a screenshot of Spin Up on the VRC Hub for Android since it doesn’t work for iPhones?

The iOS score calculator will be there soon.


@Chris_3553B any word on this btw?


It’s in the works! Might still be some time until release but it’ll happen.


I am able to use the Spin Up scoring calculator on the VRC Hub app on my iPad now.

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VRC Hub for Spin Up is working fine for me on iOS, but I’m wondering why the alarm goes off at 30 seconds, but not at 10 seconds for Endgame.

They probably just haven’t updated it yet. The alarm usually goes off when the 30 seconds remain for past games. This included tipping point before they changed it for worlds. They did change the alarm to the last 15 seconds it at the tipping point worlds though, so this might just be an oversight for now.

I wrote a Slapshot calculator app for iOS that I’m about to publish to the App Store. I just have to finish the app icon and research whether or not I’m allowed to use the word “Vex” (if anyone can point me to an official answer to that last question, that would be awesome.)

Extra Info (What's in the copyright 2022 link)

I think the first line of the first picture should answer your question.

Style guides:


Thanks @ezl and @seenSeal … I sent an email to branding@vex (which I found from your link) and they answered my questions and I got the app published to the App Store! Thanks again for your help!

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