no time: Flags

Hi … i do not really have the time to look through the manual and check but is it legal to cut the white section of the flags down so it will fit onto my robot vertically under the 12" ?


From what I read on the manual, it looks legal to cut the flags. You’re allowed to cut anything else, (besides some electronics), and flags are considered non-functional decoration.
But I would not suggest cutting your flags, because if you forget them when you go to a competition, you would have to cut someone else’s flags, or something.
Maybe try using one of these with a standoff on one end…

Those rubber links are fun to use on flag holders, but make sure that they are out of the way of the lift and other moving mechanisms so you don’t accidentally remove the flags.

The flags bend pretty well. So long as they arent too high, they should be able to bend under 12".

How big are flags. . .:o?

The following diagram is available in the VEX Toss Up Game Manual:


what it is there is one place i can really mount the flags without having problems and it is like 7 inches above ground … so it is obviously tight … i will have a look at the mounting as i am away from my robot atm … but i have like 20 of each colour flags :slight_smile:

If you use zip ties or some other alternate mounting technique, you can always mount the flag sideways like 44 did at Worlds this year.

The rubber thingies as mentioned are great for a nice bobbing eye-catching effect like on my team’s flag wavers which could go under the trough without a problem even though there was only one inch of clearance above the flag’s connection point to the flagholder.

ok, i am gonna try mounting them sideways then :slight_smile: