No Working Robot

None of the motors on our robot seem to be working at all. If you try to control anything on the robot using the joystick, absolutely nothing happens. There is no sound that the motors are working at all. Just the other day, everything was working fine. On the next day, however, nothing at all happened when we tried to use the joystick. We changed no variables from one day to the next (same battery, etc.)

How do I troubleshoot this issue? Where do I start?

If there is any missing information that you might need to help us with this, please let us know.

Are all of your physical connections good?
Is the code uploaded?
Have you selected autonomous (liquid crystal display)?

After this, I would recommend unplugging all of your motors, uploading code that runs all ports at 100, and then check if it turns a spare motor. If the motor doesn’t turn, try a new cortex.

If you use robot c, hook the cortex directly in via USB cable and see if the debugger kicks in. Look at motor variables, etc. Then try the cortex to joystick via a USB A-A cable. See if that is the problems an dwork outwards from there.

Are you sure that things are powering up properly and communicating properly? Have you gone through any troubleshooting flow charts yet?

Have a look at this if you haven’t already:

Have you checked the program? Sometimes you’ll edit a piece of code and forget to add a ‘while(true)’ loop in the task main().

I would check your program first, but if it is all correct, check each motor, motor controller, and motor port by using the online window and 9 volts for motor checking. It is actually a not a hard process, more straightforward.