Nodex: Professional Scouting

Hello all,

My name is Tyler, and I am one of the senior developers at Deemlabs responsible for creating a Vex Robotics Scouting App.

Originating from team 5203, known in our local and state competitions for our advanced scouting systems, a mobile application that is created for all teams to easily and effortlessly collect data at competitions.

The app will include a cross-platform database hosted in the cloud which allows for accessible data from any registered device on your team. We welcome any and all suggestions, so if you have any please email myself at, and make sure to add us to your email address book because our emails are being marked as spam currently (working on fixing it) :frowning:

If you would like to apply as a beta, bug, and vouch tester, a link will be posted soon with that information and requirements.

App release date is not known, but please submit your suggestions ASAP so they can be included in the initial release.

Thank you!

Vex U Scouting Please!

Very nice, excited to see the result :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi, I have also been working on a scouting system and wold be willing to help out with bug testing, feature development, etc.

PM Me if you want any help

Will totally look into adding this as a feature. I haven’t looked into Vex U as I am a high school student, but it would be a helpful feature that would expand the reach of the app.

Thank you! Hopefully very soon.

Sure thing. I’ll try PM’ing you some basic contact info, but if not shoot me a PM when you can. We would love to have experienced testers. If you have Swift, Java, Front and Back end development language (JS is important) we would love some assitance on the webversion of the app for nontraditional device folks and laptop users.

My team has a couple of competitions in the coming weeks so I can test it out for you then. Also, if you need testing for older versions of iOS I’ve still got iOS 7.