Non-Functional Pressure gauge

I have seen many teams add a pressure gauge to the top of their robot to tell how much pressure they have since pneumatics is actually viable. I was wondering if a device like this Would work ? This would then be wired to a 3 wire port on the v5 brain and display the pressure. I feel like this wouldn’t be game-breaking just a convenience. And is a nonelectronic pressure legal in itself?
I found this Answered: Non-functional Arduino but does it still apply?

Teams have been asking about “non functional” pressure gauges for as long as I can remember, usually they have been ruled illegal. Time to ask the GDC again I guess, post in the official Q&A on


it would be very nice to be able to tell how much pressure is remaining in a pneumatic system.

and wouldn’t it be super cool if we had a sensor that could tell the brain what the current pressure is, that could be useful for limiting the actuations of a non-essential mechanism in order to save air for an essential one if air starts to run low. And probably many other applications as well.


Not only that, but good for the referees at the start of the match.

I am hoping since Vex needs to re-source the miniature regulator that has been discontinued by the manufacturer, they will consider adding a pressure gauge to the kit, too



the regulator is still available, it just needs to be bought as separate parts:

Regulator: ARJ1020F-M5-04
Elbow: SMC M-5L
fitting: KQ2S04-M5

Hope this helps,