Non Legal 269 Quadcopter

People are saying that it is impossible to make a vex legal quad copter, which i agree with. There is too much weight to try to lift. Vex batteries alone are too heavy for most $200 quad copters to lift… and those have micro motors that are deigned for extreme speed and extreme speed only. My question was if the bare motor itself (not vex legal) could lift itself and itself only. That is not so insanely impractical, seeing as all the gearing you see on the back of the motor is to gear it DOWN because it spins at such a high rate.

We know a small 293 motor is 60.8 grams according to the vex store. so if i remove all the casing and gears, that leaves me with what i’m assuming only 30% of the original mass max. That leaves me with 18.24 grams. Now i convert that to kg. 0.01824 kg. The normal force acting on this is then .18 Newtons.

.18 Newtons is the force we now need to overcome to get this motor to hover. Is that achievable? it sounds a lot more likely than trying to lift the Vex batteries, aluminium frame, a cortex, and motors with casing. A LOT more possible.

Also, does anyone know the internal gear ratio of a 293? i would like to know the rpm of the motor itself with no gearing and cold figure that out if i had the ratio, then we can better determine how practical this is. That would actually be the last component i am missing before i can figure out propeller size is needed to put out at least .18N, and then i can see if the motor can handle that.

There is a thread for this here.

This thread is a thread based off of that. They are asking something different.

It is completely relevant to the other thread, and is a direct, or if not very near copy of his post.

The other post was about a vex legal quad copter. I am interested in something NOT vex legal, and did not want to clutter that forum with talk that was unrelated to the topic of that forum . I realized this question in the other thread, and directed them to this post if they wanted to further the discussion on a non-legal quadcopter

I assume that you are referring to the discontinued 2-Wire Motor 269?

According to the VEX Wiki, the no-load speed of the motor inside of the 269 is approximately 28,613 RPM.