Non-passive cone flipper/grabber, now mostly built!

Tell me what you think!

I think it’s very cool and the grabber part may see some use in the game this year. However, I think the idea of having to align an intake precisely with a cone like that will be very slow and won’t work well. I feel like there has to be a better way; I just don’t know what it is yet. Again, cool thing still.

People are making a big deal out of being able to pick up tipped cones, but I don’t think it’ll be as big of a problem as you think it will be. Wouldn’t it be a better use of that chain to orient the cone so it can be stacked on your mobile goal once you flip?

I’m thinking that if I have two pieces of c-channel that form an angle at the front of my bot, I can have the cones mostly aligned after I drive into them

Perhaps. Bear in mind I haven’t gotten objects yet, let alone started prototyping.

This whole assembly will rotate so it can grab cones from any angle. Now imagine the plunger intake in this video is replaced with my intake

In the video, it didn’t seem like you had the rotational ability to do that. IDK, but using it as a flipper in a 62 like design is a really good idea (one that’s been churning in my mind for a while too)

Orange is what I have built, red is the final rotation axis, blue is the chain bar

Also, with this bots ability to pick up knocked over cones in the early season, I could probably just make a weed whacker type thing that knocks over all the cones at the start of the match, and my robot would be the fastest at collecting them :smiley:

I don’t know if using two motors for one claw can be called super competitive levels of efficiency but I love the design… isn’t there a way to combine the motors so if the claw is opened further than a certain point, it instead angles downward and if the claw is closed further than a certain point it angles upward?

In case you haven’t seen my other posts, I’m doing a lot of transmission stuff so that I can actually make this work. (Btw my transmission doesn’t use pneumatics! :D) currently this is the specs:
2 or 6 motor drive
0 or 4 motor lift
0 or 2 motor chain bar
2 or 4 motor flipper-gripper intake
Pneumatic mobile goal lift


That’s an idea

How many freaking transmissions are you going to have on your robot?

@antichamber Everyone knows that we will have to pick up fallen cones, but I think that your design is way to slow to work. The truth is, almost everyone else is trying to do pick up the cone in any orientation with one motor, but no one has got it yet. You just made something that could pick up both cones, but you did it with 2 motors and pneumatics.

The video you sent proved that to not be true.

It’s slow? It’s not like I said in the video that THE DELAYS ARE SET TO MAKE IT SLOW. Also, the design doesn’t use pneumatics, in fact I could just use two motors to intake the mobile goal instead of pneumatics, and my transmissions would still work, seeing as they are differential based

@antichamber Yes it is very slow. Let’s save this thread and look back at it at worlds next year. We’ll see how fast it is. Doesn’t matter if there are already delays, it is going to be slow in the first place. Good luck next season

When he called it fast he also stated it would be fast during the early season, which is probably true.
A lot of teams MAY not even consider the idea of picking up cones during the early fall, so he would always be the fastest in that situation.

I don’t see the need to bring negative comments to this post, as he was only sharing his discoveries with this lovely community.

On topic: I love this early season prototype. It’ll be interesting to see what similar mechanisms Singapore teams use in their upcoming competition and how this design will grow. With a passive aligning mechanism and a lot of practice this could easily be a competitive design throughout a majority of the season.