Non-passive cone flipper/grabber

Ok, let me explain this. This consists of a grasper that has two degrees of freedom. You may have noticed, there are only two motors drawn in my diagram, how does that work? Well, due to the fact that the chain bar cone carrier is going to be using two motors in my design, I can input the motor power into two differentials and switch the motors power between the chain bar and the rotation of the grabber. The process of stacking a cone goes like this:
1: the grabber rotates such that it is in the correct orientation to grab the cone
2: the cone is grabbed
3: the lift starts lifting the cone
4: the cone is rotated in the air so that it faces downwards
5: the chain bar moves over
6: the grabber releases the cone
Then it resets to grab the next cone.
The whole reason I’m doing the base transmission is so that I have 4 motors left over to manipulate the cone like this. Let me know what you think, I would love to hear your ideas and concepts, thanks for reading!

I think it works in theory. I’ll be interested to see if/how you execute it. Personally, imho it’s a little over engineered for its purposes and with regard to its motor consumption, but I’d love to be proved wrong.

Simplicity can be the ultimate sophistication :slight_smile:

Just make a one motor chain bar and a one motor claw. Simple often works best.

I’m already ~75% done building my idea so…

is this really necessary though? isn’t there a simpler, lighter, and easier solution?

yes, but he feels this design is worth the effort so i see no shame in building it. It looks sick anyways.