Non-Vex motors

Does anyone think it’s possible to use a vex motor controller and cortex on a non-vex motor?

I once did it before with a motor from a broken RC helicopter. Definitely possible.

what about this motor?

trying to build an electric skateboard, but I don’t want to spend $110 on a thing to control the motor if I can use a vex one…

If you’re talking about the MC29, then no, that won’t work.
The specs for that motor recommend at least an ESC capable of 120A; that would vaporize a poor MC29 and all of its wires.

thats what I was talking about, is there. cheaper alternative?

That’s a brushless motor so you need a brushless ESC to drive it. You could control the ESC from the Cortex, but therr is no getting round the need for a decent brushless ESC and some decent batteries, neither of which will be super cheap.

If you already have a drill it shouldn’t be that expensive to make an electric longboard.

You could use a vex cortex to communicate with the esc rated for 120a as long as you don’t use the cortex to provide power to the 120a esc and use a lipo battery connected to the power in lines for the esc and then use the signal wire from the cortex connected to the esc signal wire and then program it like a normal vex moto but you are probubly better off using something like this to control your longboard