Non Vex parts legal - 14" zip ties

I went to Lowes and found large packs of 14" white zip ties on sale. They also had smaller packs of the black ones. In the rules it does not say anything about non-vex zip ties being legal.
Well… thoughts… clarifications…
Bill R.

So, the official answer would most likely be “no”. However, I wouldn’t doubt the possibility of an excetion being made for zip ties, as they are usually cut anyways to shorter lengths. Although, on the other hand, probably not, because you’ll then have lots of people trying to abuse it, and how far do you take this exception.

If you are using it in an application where it’s cut down anyways, no one would know nor care anyways as there’s no difference in function, and no way anyone would find out. Of course, you would never do this though. :wink:

Take a look around, as you can probably get zip ties much cheaper than the best sale at a store. We got 3000 ones identical to the small ones at 1/12th the price at a site called (I know, fantastic name), and I think they have a US site as well.

You would most likely be allowed to use them to secure wires through because of the conduit rule.

Thanks for the reply. I will try that website for sure.
Bill R.

Vex sells two types of cable ties: 4" 18 lb and 11" 30 lb.

So to be legal, a substitute cable tie must be either:

  • close to 18 lbs in strength, similar in cross section to a Vex 4" cable tie, and up to 4" long


  • close to 30 lbs in strength, similar in cross section to a Vex 11" cable tie, and up to 11" long.

The 14" ones you found will be legal if the strength and cross section are similar to what Vex sells, but you will need to make sure that you cut them to length. You would need to cut them to be the length of an 11" cable tie with the tail (the part with no teeth) removed.

I don’t know how rigorous inspectors will actually be at your competitions. It’s possible you could bend these rules and still pass inspection - teams often pass with cable ties and rubber bands that aren’t even close to the same spec as the vex ones. It’s better for everyone if teams make an effort to follow the rules, though.

Vex Mundi I agree on the rules. I may have put 14 in by mistake, but I am looking at it from a cost perspective. If I can get a few hundred for the cost of 20… obvious choice. Thanks for the reply.
Bill R.

Ok guys and gals… let me clarify… without my glasses… that 4" zip tie… looks like a 14". So my original post should have been 4" and 11". I am not trying to bend the rules… just need to wear my glasses.
Bill R.