Non-Vex recommended Vex hotels for Worlds?

Has anyone had any experience staying in hotels other than the ones Vex recommends? We’ve got a pretty tight budget, and the cheapest options aren’t on the Vex list.

Also, does anyone know what the latest one can arrive Wednesday is?

I and some of the families from my teams are staying at the LaQuinta Anaheim Disneyland. I stayed there last year along with several other teams. The price is generally a little cheaper and includes breakfast. The hotel is a couple blocks east of the convention center, about a 10-15 minute walk.


The DiscoBots have stayed at the Best Western nearby,

Its not high-class, but the price is right.

That’s what we’re doing, too. It’s maybe a 5-10 minute walk from the hotel to the convention center, and fairly cheap.

We stayed Travelodge which is less tha half mile away.

We have stayed in the Anaheim Islander Inn & Suites just down the street on Katella. It is less money, but was clean. It did not have a lot of the services as others, but it worked for us the past 2 years and some of us are staying there again. If I remember, a double bed room is around $95/night.

My team stayed at the Marriott. Not sure this is Vex recommended or not. Really really close to the convention center. (2-3 minute walk)

This year, both 323Z Aftershock and 323X Blackout are sharing a rental home (about 3/4 mi from the convention center). It is around 3000sq. ft, it has a heated pool, hot tub, game room, and is great for our teams to rest after a long day. I think it’s about 150$/night (something around there).

Whhhhaaaaat? Only $150…I need this…

Sorry, I was thinking of the wrong number. It’s $150 a person to rent this (for our group).

It’s about $300/night to rent the home, which is still an awesome deal. It fits ~22 people.

Still a decent deal!

Thanks guys!

We rented a home as well. since our group is fairly large, it was like $40 per person. Plus, we reasoned that we could cook our own food, so we could save like $30 per person

thats smart!
rent a house for a week (y)

how did you “confirm” with the landlord in case he “backs out” last second?

We stayed there too last year and it was great. Pretty cheap and as long as it has breakfast, it works for me.

Stayed at Hilton Garden Inn and the Clarion. The Clarion is right on the convention center drive. Not as nice as the Mariott or Hilton but cheaper.

The Hilton Garden Inn had breakfast and is a few blocks away but walkable if not carrying your robot each trip.

Both hotels charge for parking so be sure to price that in. $15/day if I remember. Or if you are staying outside of walking distance, price in convention center parking of $24 a day (I think).

Food is also generally expensive but there are two Subways nearby which is a great, cheap breakfast option that tastes good. Fo lunch we preferred the food in the Hilton’s food court over the food in the convention center itself.

This year, our team is going to stay at Jolly Roger Inn

It’s through, so I am pretty sure if they did back out, they would be owing us a lot of money. The landlords on the website WANT to rent the home, so I doubt they would back out.