Non-Vex Servo

Here is a non-Vex servo adapted for use with the Vex system.
In this case, it is a GWS S125 that allows >360 degrees of rotation. This allows me to pan a camera and distance sensor around a full 360 circle.

The servo is connected to a Vex shaft using an adapter found at The 5/32" Futaba style fits this GWS servo and the Vex square shafts.

I drilled out a Vex panel to match the holes on the servo. The panel then allows easy mounting to the rest of the robot.

How accurate is the Servo? Can it pan to within +/- 1 degree and keep the position?

This is interesting, i had not though of mounting a servo like this so its a great idea.

I had no idea that made adapters for those servos, now i may have to buy some!

I haven’t measured the accuracy of the servo. I doubt that it can make one degree accuracy, since there are only 256 possible positions distributed around more than 360 degrees. It does ok for my purposes.

What’s nice is that with the shaft adapter, you are not limited to just the Vex motors and servos, you can choose one that is stronger, or faster, or turns farther, or whatever.

Do you know if that shaft adapter is compatible with this servo:

i believe the above would be compatible, most servo’s have the exact same shaft unless they are specially crafted (like Vex)