Nonprofit Grants for 501(c)3 using 1023EZ

As far as I can tell, for an independent, non-school-affliliated team, setting up a non-profit including 501(c)3 federal tax exemption status is the way to be able to qualify to apply for grants.

There are 2 ways to apply for 501(c)3 tax-exempt status: using the full 1023 form (longer and more expensive) or the newer 1023EZ (simpler and cheaper). However the 1023EZ process is not scrutinized as closely by the IRS. I have been reading that as a result of that, some organizations will not award grants to 1023EZ nonprofits.

Has anyone found that to be the case with VEX grants? I am trying to decide if it makes sense to go the full 1023 route to avoid problems later.


Probably a good question for an RECF regional rep for your area (probably the Team Engagement Manager). Link here to RECF Support page with the map.


We used the 1023ez in 2018 and had no problems - your case is not an uncommon one. It’s a straight forward choice. Go with the 1023ez online.

The process you use (full 1023 vs ez) will have no impact on your eligibility. Something like the NTEE code might


Thank you. It’s definitely a thing in the nonprofit world that some companies do not award grants to 1023EZ applicants (some ask in the grant application what type of 1023 application was used by the nonprofit). Glad to hear you have not had that problem for VEX. Am I to understand that you have in fact been successfully awarded grants as a 1023EZ filer?

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Yes, RECF grant when we first started , purge foundation grants and a Civic grant.


^ was supposed to be corporate foundation grants not purge

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