Noob at PROS

Hi! I’m new to PROS and am wondering if you can show me to some good PROS tutorials. Also if you could give some simple tips to coding in PROS. I have some experience in Java and am fairly advanced in Python.

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I learned how to use PROS by watching this tutorial and reading my teammate’s code.


Thank you for the suggestion!

Use the search bar on VF, look for code releases and example fixes on here. Also, the PROS docs themselves and michael 4411s’ tutorials on youtube. Plus, I believe there are some good programmers on the vex discord, however that works exactly (I’m not in it).

If you want to use python or java for vex programming, you can always check out robot mesh studio.

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I checked out RobotMesh and you can use Python from the V5 Blocks application and I only know Java not JavaScript, sorry for not clarifying that earlier:(