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Hi all, I am a new teacher who wants to set up a new group of students with the best possible experience. I can find the game rules in minute detail, BUT I have been told that the engineering notebook is around 1/3 of the final results. I can find NO guidance on the notebook apart from “it tells the story”.

Are there any official documentation links (in SEA if that helps)?
Can the students supply an electronic notebook?

Thanks :slight_smile: We all look forward to interacting with you. See you on the floor.

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Try this rubric to see if it helps any.


Students document making their robot, challenges they faced, things to improve on, and just things to tell the judges of their journey and maybe what sets them apart from other teams. A digital notebook is okay.


In addition to the rubric hayden provided, I would also recommend looking at this example notebook found on the RECF website: Sample notebook

I’ve found that youtube can also be a valuable source. Many teams have posted videos of them going through past notebooks. RECF has a great youtube video on notebooks as well → RECF video


Thank you, that’s incredibly helpful.

Thank you, incredibly helpful - a resource the students can access and build upon themselves

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Thank you, really helpful

Hope this can be helpful


Awesome, thank you (apparently the post has to be 20 characters so please ignore all the rest of this)

Not aure is there any real documentation to this point.

In a VRC tournament, there are 3 main aspects to it:

  1. The tournament itself - which are the matches that you will be playing. And winners are the Tournament Champions
  2. The skills challenge - which includes the driver and autonomous challenge. And these have zero bearing on (1), i.e. you can choose to attend the matches and not attempt a single skills run (which isn’t a wise move btw). Or you can get zero for your skills runs and still be the tournament champion. it has zero bearing on each other.
  3. Judged awards - this is where Design Engineering Notebook (DEN) is the key. Juded awards will include your Excellence Award, Design Award, Build, Think, etc.

But I am not sure how is it quantified to be 1/3 of final results though.

Edit: What i have listed are just those performance-related. Of course there are many other aspects such as having fun and shouting at each other, etc.


Here are some good resources to have in your Digital library:

  • - this covers a lot of material for competition for teams, parents, coaches/mentors… New this season!
  • - documentation for VEX platforms (focus on V5)
  • - teacher cert - heck you can’t have too many pieces of paper on the wall
  • - here is where the mentor VRC community is being built by VEX/RECF - free with team registration
  • - has packaged lessons mainly for classroom/camps - but starting point

You will get tons of useful info from the forum, but they often forget to include RECF and VEX resources as that was not their starting point. Many of these are new to the community.

lots more to add - but don’t want your head to explode.


the engineering notebook is very important, as it does decide a lot of the awards. my coach always says that a good notebook would guide a complete stranger to be able to recreate your robot piece by piece. it should not only show how the robot is built, but how the team members settled on a certain design, and the problems faced while building it. often at the beginning of a season we take a few weeks to look at the challenge, and ■■■■■ all the rules in the game. we cad designs, and find potential problems with them. we use weighted objective tables to decide o a final design, then we build it. we also repeatedly use the engineering process, and document the cycle of the design process in the notebook. also remember to include the programming process. Good luck!

autobots is correct. All the students need to do is write 5-20 sentences about each meeting.
You can also look at the judges guide

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