NorCal MS Team 315Y?


Opinions on team 315Y? (My personal one: they are a nice team, and deserved a lot of their wins). Just wanna know what y’all think.


Oh no not this again. What is the purpose of this? Based off your previous topic, about 88909X, this seems like some passive aggressive method against the middle school teams in question. I am completely across the country and have never seen the two teams but it is really necessary to post on the forums about this? I’ve seen allegations of like parents working on robots and stuff. Can you not settle it privately? Is it really worth the time and effort?

Maybe I’m completely reading the situation wrong but from reading your other thread something doesn’t seem right. It just seems like too specific of a topic after your previous one. And if I’m wrong I apologize, I’ll try to read situations better.


From what I can tell, they are pretty nice people, though some other teams may find them intimidating. I’m positive that they deserved their wins because they worked really hard on their robot and practice a lot.


Yeah, These posts seem like some sort of troll made by bogus accounts. Maybe I’m wrong? Not to criticize the teams these are about though, they are good teams.


Anyone notice how that account @lil_acai just joined 50 minutes ago? Good timing.
And the most recent post in the thread about 88909X just joined 50 minutes ago? Man what a coincidence.
It’s amazing that all of the accounts made in the past 24 hours that have been posting on these threads type basically the same.
Who would waste their time to do this???


We are all friends here. We are not being passive-aggressive towards each other, we are just friends and we are posting these types of things to see what other people think of us.


Someone with burner accounts would probably say the same thing but I’ll take your word for it. I apologize for the accusations, the posts seemed very sarcastic.
Why not instead ask something like:
Hi I’m from 315Y, my team was wondering what other teams think of us.
Why the need for secrecy and confusion? Especially with the stigma some people have with your teams apparently. Just doesn’t seem like a good idea to me.


We are a group of NorCal MS teams, and we were just recently introduced into the forum. We wanted to know what people thought about our teams, so we posted everything from a friend’s account. We are sorry if anything appeared passive aggressive, the hateful comments were not from us


If you’re close friends with them why not tell them face to face of your true opinion of them? I don’t understand the reasoning behind the secrecy, it’s all a misunderstanding. I was saying dragging down another team passive-aggressively was a waste of time, I never said sharing your honest opinion was. I don’t see me as trying to stop needless belittling to a middle school (which is what I thought was occuring) as a waste of time and seeing when an account was made takes one click. I apologized, all of this is behind me now. It’s not my place, people can do their weird shenanigans.


We also wanted to hear about other people’s opinions.


@Fmaj7add9 Sorry for any confusion that may have happened. We didn’t have any bad intentions.


I’m closing this topic as we do seem to have several forum users posting under more than one user name.

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