Norcal vex early season robot reveal

Welcome everyone to our first robot this season! A couple of other teams and I got together to design and build it back in June and shad finally got off his but to making a reveal for it. So without further ado here it is:



The main goal of this robot is to put our ideas and concepts out there. All the cad was done over
about a week and it took pretty much the same time for the bot to be built. Something that’s very interesting and probably also very dumb is that we started building the bot without any idea what the intake or Mogo lift was going to be. Those were all designed outside of cad through an incredible engineering strategy I call “building it and seeing if it works and if not change it a little bit or scrap the idea altogether.”

For the drive, we originally decided to go for 4 motors at 333 RPM which probably was a little too fast for 4 motors and the kind of game this is, but once we realized that we had two extra motors, we just added them to the drive. With 6 motors we think that 333 rpm is a decent mix of torque and speed.

One of the more unique things about this robot this season is the mogo lift. we decided to use pneumatics because why not? It uses two double-acting pistons combined with a pressure limiter to lift a mobile goal about 30 times up and down which is plenty for one match.

one of the big differences from this design that you might see is the string driven cascade lift. by using this pulley method we can use less motors and be lighter, currently it is 100rpm direct and can lift it easily, could probably run something faster but 200 was too weak.

one big thing that helped us a lot with this robot was CAD, Dylan from 319k and Gilbert from 5327k worked on cad leading up to the build which cut out most of the simpler stuff like the drive and lift so we had more time to design and test the intakes and Mogo lift, you can view the cad link here-


very interesting method of grabbing all 3 neutral goals, I think that could be really effective. Great stuff all around.