NorCal VEX Tipping Point RI3D Reveal

We proudly present our RI3D for Vex Tipping Point!

Massive thanks to Dublin Robotics Club for hosting this RI3D from July 2 to July 5!


Great job on being the first to internally stack the high goal. It’s a difficult challenge, since it requires an internal goal lift, a tall lift for rings, and the ability to rotate the goal inside your robot. You’ve done them all effectively here, although not in the same ways that I’ve been working on. I thing it’s really great that there are so many ways for a robot to do the exact same thing (grab rings, grab goals, lift rings on goals, rotate goals into position), and many of the options seem viable. There’s going to be a lot of design shuffling I think before people settle on a meta (if that even happens this season)


that needle intake looks familiar

I love the mobile goal rotater!



RI3D - Working Sessions. July 2, 3, 4 and 5 at Dublin Robotics Club, non-stop, 72 hrs. Lot of hard work by NorCal VEX Alumni. Great Job :+1:. Kudos to them :clap::clap::clap:


Well, first to be publicly revealed…

Anyways, great robot, but the song choice wasn’t that good. I would’ve liked it if you left in the lyrics

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ya… have been around since Round-up… :stuck_out_tongue:


Hmmm… where have I seen that intake before? :wink:

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Seeing the ri3ds that are better than my end season robots makes me sad… but seriously, nice job! Does it stay within the 36" limit at all times?


Yep! It stays within 36 inches.

Great job! After seeing only intake videos for so many weeks, it’s great to finally see the full package :smiley:

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Yes, nice to see people sharing ideas this early in the season!

Love the internal loading to cancel out the center of gravity issue. Very clever design.


Sad to say, absolutely no early release from Singapore this time round.
All of us are still waiting for our game element… sob…


Tune in tomorrow at 10 AM PDT for an explanation of the mogo intakes!


very nice, It’s always good to see people who are willing to let everyone learn from the progress they’ve made. It’s the only way for people to build off of what has come before.


Love the double mogo design. Also, how would you release the mobile goal from the passive intake in the front without the rings falling off of the branches of the neutral mogos?

@Bryon_Tjanaka is 86868 making a comeback this season?
Can’t wait to see your brilliant robots :slight_smile:


@meng Ah unfortunately, we are not making a comeback haha – both @Dylon_Tjanaka and I are in college at this time. Basically, this is what happens when Dylon gets trapped at home during a lockdown with a bunch of VEX parts :laughing:


What a waste… was hoping to see either a Resistance VEXU team or maybe you guys managed to find some worthy high school kids to inherit the number.


Yep, my favorite quote is by Isaac Newton in 1675: “If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants.” (yes other have said it , see the wikipedia page)

The problem is that teams have entered the secrecy mode, so there are becoming fewer and fewer shoulders to stand on. I’m aware of the clone issues, but overall I wish more teams would share earlier (or share at all, here we are 6 weeks after Worlds and there are very few details out there.)

Major kudos to @Dylon_Tjanaka and the others that share early season ideas!