North American Robotics (NAR): The MooseEagles Contest!

NAR wants you… to draw us up your best MooseEagle! Our favorite submission will not only have a chance to become the Official NAR logo but will also win you a MooseEagles team jersey!

Submissions should be uploaded via Facebook. Tag us up and you are good to go!

Deadline is October 20th at midnight! Get crack-a-lackin’!


May the best submission win!

  • Andrew

I will try to do it, but I do not have a personal facebook account. Could I send it to you VIA email?

Submissions outside of Facebook are fine! Email to me at

Just attach your info along with it and we will contact you if you win!

One can submit more than one idea. Formats don’t matter!

  • Andrew

A noble image for a noble team, but shouldn’t that be the “EagleBeavers”?

It was an idea discussed, but it seems people (at least in the eastern US) seem to associate Canada with a moose. People would crack the usual “Do you ride a moose to school?” joke.

So it stuck.

Besides, doesn’t a combination of an eagle and a moose sound more bad*** than a beaver and an eagle?