North Carolina Discord

Hello, so me and my friend decided to make a discord for North Carolina. We made it more so for VRC but people in IQ can still join and talk to other teams. We figured it could be useful for talking to other teams, doing scouting, or just socializing with other people. We just started making it so it isn’t finished yet but we thought we might as well let people join now instead of later. If you have any questions or suggestions please ask and I’ll try my best to respond. I will apologize if it is somewhat dead when you first join just because not many people are in it yet but that is why I am posting here on the forum. Also we don’t have a bot setup quite yet to do roles so me and my friend will have to do it ourselves so your role might not get set immediately.


Is the server open to people/teams that aren’t competing in NC?

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Yeah it’s open for everyone.

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Edit: Link died