North Texas State Championship Finals

I am pretty sure that no one has posted any videos on the forum of the North Texas State Championship. Last week the state championship took place and despite some problems with the day, it was a very good day. I would argue that north Texas is the most competitive region in the world. But you can judge for yourself from the matches. Being as even as it could get, going to a FOURTH finals match. All credit for the videos goes to Trent from 136s. I am just getting the videos out there.

Finals 1:

Finals 2:

Finals 3:

Finals 4:


I definitely agree. The fact that it took 4 extremely competitive matches to have a winner is crazy itself. Good job to all those teams; these were some very hard and well played matches.

2019F speaking: North Texas is actually just insanely competitive, not just with VEX…

but that was an amazing tournament!

I couldn’t agree more, the fact that we only get 9 designated worlds spots is pitiful and proof a change is needed (especially when the quarterfinals were just as hard as the finals). Now although some regions like cali, for example, might be equally or more difficult, advancing from NTX seems to be a bigger obstacle now than ever.

I couldn’t agree more. This was actually something I was going to say something about this. With so few of teams able to get to worlds teams like 60X, 360s, 25461, 7110a, 6834a, and us (26) were unable to qualify because of so few of slots for worlds. I hope that this will change for next year.

For the fourth year in a row (ever since state championships were started), the North Texas State Championship was in the top state championship scores:
Nothing But Net
Toss Up

This. In the past, we usually had maybe one or two good teams not qualify. But this year, I saw around 10 teams that would be very competitive at Worlds but barely did not qualify. Most of these teams made the top ~400 (and many made top 250) world skills rankings. So, in theory, if you gave the 540 high school spots to the top 540 skills scores, they would have definitely qualified. I wish REC would give bonus spots to extra competitive regions…

they actually do. its because they use some sort of formula to come up with the teams that get world spots. as Texas we get extra spots

They give extra spots to growing regions, and the spots are allocated based on a region’s size—which stinks for smaller super competitive regions—but I didn’t know that they gave extra spots to competitive regions.

Singapore has the same problem.

they do it based on the amount of teams per region

Right, so it doesn’t have to do with the region being extra competitive

Finals 3 was definitely one of the best Starstruck matches I’ve watched all season.

I mean seriously, just look at the field at about the 2:22 mark. How the blue alliance was able to come back in such a short amount of time and force a tie still amazes me.

(Being able to watch it field-side made it even better)

Just ponder the fact that the camera is purposely off center in finals match 2 to keep the boy in the full kakashi outfit from naruto on 7110W out of the picture. Notice how perfectly centered all the other videos are. This is oppression.
EDIT: to contribute to this discussion, note how 7110W was a second pick. That bot alone is better than alot of bots out there, and it was second picked.

Somebody choosing to make a post like this really interests me, but the creation of this topic just seems completely unnecessary and even a bit hurtful to some, while also being incorrect at times.

First off, I would like to congratulate every North Texas team that moved on to the regional. It can be very tough to find an event that isn’t competitive up there to qualify you for it, and the teams that took the effort to make a robot that was capable of competing at the state level definitely proved to be worthy of that achievement.

Getting back to the point, you saying that north Texas is the “most competitive region in the world” has nothing to prove itself correct. Every competitor has a different idea of what a truly competitive event is. I am going to be honest here, I feel that the north Texas regional is definitely up there when it comes to competitiveness, but I know for a fact that you have not attended any international events in the South China/Singapore area. Their skills scores have all been very close to each other compared to those of Texas teams, not to mention Canada and California. Also, as another Texas team, I can tell you that the south Texas regional was no walk in the park either. The 400 series were definitely the best teams there, and I can tell you that they would have done well at the north Texas regional without a doubt, but each 400 team had to go to a 3rd match at least once, and 400Z didn’t even make it to the finals in the middle school division.

Another thing that I would like to point out is that your excuse for teams not qualifying for the world championships because there are less spots this year only disproves your own point. I know that in years past there were 6 more spots for you because semi-finalists also moved on to worlds. Neither you or 7110A made it to the semi-finals, so don’t use that as your excuse for not qualifying for worlds, because I’m pretty sure that every award that qualified you last year aside from tournament semi-finalists still existed this year to qualify you in north Texas.

Finally, I would like to approach this with a calming and soothing remark, but I may be wrong depending on if my assumption of your age is correct. From my standpoint, it seems that you are a senior seeing how 26 had it’s first year in toss up, and I can tell that a lot of your motivation to post this topic and the emotions you put into your actual post (such as having your closing statement in all uppercase) convey this message of ending your last year on a low note, especially since you guys won your regional your first 2 years and did really well at worlds and then didn’t qualify the next 2 years. I can tell that this is definitely tough to go through, but think back to all of the banners and trophies that you received and the many home-school and private teams that you have inspired since then. If I am not mistaken, I believe that you guys may have been the first or second team to start a private team in Texas. You guys are definitely not the only ones who are sad about not moving on when you had moved on in previous years, think about teams like 360S and 60X.

You guys always built really awesome and beautiful robots every year and you did so well with them, showing a good mix of ingenuity and creativity. I hope that 26 continues to exist in future years with new members to fill the spots of those who graduated!

I also agree that North Texas is VERY competition, but I believe you could have easily attained a high skills score. Just look at the Singapore teams, there are 12 of them in the top 50 currently, thus increasing there qualification spots from 3 to 15. I know for a fact that at one point 60x had a robot capable of getting 72 in driver, why they did not take the time to create a programming skills baffles me.

Was hoping to maintain radio silence for this topic actually.
In fact, I was really hoping that no one will notice us creeping up the ranking table.

Anyway… point of information - Singapore only has 1 HS and 3 MS spots.

I have to say that I’m extremely impressed that a dumper bot made it all the way to the finals in such a competitive region.

I was surprised to see that North Texas only received 9 of the 29 HS spots for Texas, that is unfortunate. South Texas - also at a very high level of play, and a larger tournament - gets 14 spots. West Texas gets 5 (yup,) leaving one extra spot.

The issue of a low number of advancing teams from North is the break point of whether semi-finalists advance. A possible solution would be to pool all 12 semifinalists from N and S and advance the top 6 skills from that list. Alternatively, advance none of the semi-finalists and have 7 teams from Texas advance based on skills.

There is also the elephant in the room that is the West Texas regional. There were two total qualifying events for that regional this season, one with 28 teams, and one with 37. Due to double qualifiers at both events, only 6 teams received awards that would advance them to a state qualifier. However, that regional had 36 teams participate… meaning nearly every team in the region was admitted to the qualification event. With a more discriminating selection the West Texas regional could have 12-18 teams, play as a small event with 2 team alliances, and advance champs and excellence for 3 total teams.

Odd situation in Singapore. You have a championship in June and 4 skills events at the very end of season. Seems legit.


First off @Arrash , I am not trying to turn this conversation into a forum battle.

First, I AM NOT POSTING THIS BECAUSE OF NOT QUALIFYING (yes I used all caps), It was originally intended to showcase the skills of the awesome teams that were playing. Next, I do agree that I DO NOT (love them capitals) know that North Texas is the most competitive region. This is why I asked people to post if they thought that it was. Third, I do recognize that many other good teams did not get to worlds because of the way too few of spots from North Texas. That is why I posted:

Next, just so you know, I am a junior not a senior so, while it does hurt me that we haven’t qualified this year or last year, I still have next year. Last year was much more fair for qualifying, WE WERE NOT GOOD ENOUGH TO QUALIFY LAST YEAR (capitals ;)). I realize that. But this year was way unfair. As I believe most teams from North Texas would agree with me.

By this post I was not insinuating that no other regions had an unfair amount of slots for Worlds. I am sorry if it came across like that, because that was not my intent.

A bit unnecessary don’t you think?