North Texas State Championship

Well the time of year for state championships is here. Tomorrow is the North Texas State Championship, be watching the scores coming up. I have a feeling it will be very exciting.

See you there.

VexDB: High School and Middle School

Here’s a shout out to @DanielIW26 (26), @JordanIW26 (26), @SamBarbee (60X), @IrisDegree (360), @Trent_C (1366), @Henry_9090 (9090A), @Nehalem (9090A), @tiger (9090C), @#9541 (9541), and everyone else who will be attending.

Good luck to all the teams there tomorrow. Lots of good teams there!

If there’s one thing I can promise, it’s that tomorrow will be a fantastic competition. Good luck to the other teams, we’ll see you guys there :slight_smile:

This event currently has the highest average match score in the United States and the second highest in the world. With an average match score of 170 points, it is second only to the 2015 Asia-Pacific Robotics Championship. (see this VexDB graph)

In the qualifying round, alliances frequently had match scores over 200. In every match of the elimination round, both red and blue each scored at least 100, and the winning alliance always scored over 200. In the finals, each alliance scored over 200 every time.


All Matches:
Average: 170 Median: 174
Qualifying Matches:
Average: 159 Median: 160
Elimination Matches:
Average: 226 Median: 225

Needless to say, the competition is very tough here in the North (and the South as well). Based on these results, I expect Texas teams to do very well at Worlds this year.

What was the highest scoring match? Like 600? (Not to be taken literally, I’m not stupid)

I believe it was 336.