Northern California Tournament

Hello Vex Members. I am interested in hosting a tournament for Gateway in March. I have looked at the upcoming events and came to a conclusion that March 3rd and March 10th are open days, and those days are close to Vex National so they would provide great additional “practice” for teams. This event will be a qualifier, if enough teams join. The tournament will be in Berkeley, with a capacity of 36 teams. Snacks and drinks will be available for purchase. Comment if you would attend and the date you prefer.

Thank you,

Since two of the captains from my school will be missing the last two tournaments that my school would be attending without this tournament I got really excited when I read this (I’m one of the two unfortunately). I personally would request the tenth because I will be out of the state on the third but I’m sure that either date would work for the other teams and I’m sure we would at least try to attend.

I can’t commit my team, but we would certainly love another tournament close(ish) to home!

@EAKC, Thanks for the reply. And the Tenth seems to be the favorite of the two. If you know any other teams interested, can you ask them as well? Thanks.

@dontworryaboutit, Thanks for reply. And thanks for being interestested. Do you think all the 254 would be interested in competeing? Thanks

I think that my team would love to come as well since there aren’t any more tournaments in NorCal(I think) between ours (2/4) and worlds so it’d be nice to have another one in between.

@FirePheonix, Thanks for reply. And yes, there aren’t any between your tournament and world so it be for additional practice for world.

I will try and ask NRG if they would be interested later today if I can. I think there will definately be more teams interested. I’ll ask around!

You need to contact the RECF representative for California if you want to run a World Championship qualifying event. The deadline for posting WC events has long passed, and it is possible that all the California WC slots are already allocated. You can definitely run an event (if you meet the basic requirements), but please don’t assume that it will be a WC qualifier if you haven’t checked in with the right people. You can find your representative here.

By the way, I think the idea of running more events is terrific, and sometimes we need to realize that there is a lot more to VRC than just “making it to Worlds.” :slight_smile:

@EAKC, Thanks for the help. Keep in compact.

@Ricks TYler, Alright. Sorry for the misinformation. Do you suppose it would be considEred a scrimmage then?

It can be a regular VRC tournament complete with judging and trophies, if you’d like, it’s just that it might not be a World Championship qualifier. Giving out awards at an event recognizes teams for their work and their accomplishments, and it also gives schools an achievement they can brag about when looking for sponsorship and support. When I think “scrimmage” I think of an informal event without judging, and perhaps without even a fixed schedule. You can run either one, at your discretion, and it’s always a good idea to touch bases with your RECF partner when you set up your event on

Good luck!

I just have a question.

Are you allowd to buy the vex trophies without earningbthem at a competition.
I would like to eventually buy one to use for speeches because my
Coach keeps the trophies at his house.


Around $50.

So we ar.awesome

I hope thats not as much as the people setting up the tournaments have to pay expensive

If VEX sells them for 50$, then that is how much the people running a competition will have to pay.

Keep in mind, the teams attending have to pay. So that covers the trophies and everything else.

It would still count for qualifying teams for robot skills and programming skills if it’s an official tournament. The latest an official qualifying tournament can be held is March 3rd, so it would really have to be that day. It isn’t really clear about whether the tournament has to be an “official qualifying tournament” to have its robot/programming skills scores counted, but I’m pretty sure it doesn’t have to be.

I’d have to talk to our teacher about how many teams could go (if any).
We already have our budget settled (I think), so don’t expect all 8 of our teams to go (but you never know).

If you’re wondering where I got the info:

Anything after March 4 would not count towards the top 30 for the skills challenges.
I believe this is the correct thread that explains it.

I talked to an NRG member and they are going to talk to their president about it but the person says that they think they would be all for attending.

The top 30 scores are taken on the 4th of March, and “official qualifying tournaments” must be done by the 3rd (unless they’re big), but it’s not clear whether a tournament has to be an “official qualifying tournament” to have its skills scores submitted.

The qual criteria pdf says this:

“There are three ways teams can qualify for the 2012 VRC World Championship as described below: Official Qualifying Tournaments, Skills Challenges or Official Qualifying Leagues.”

“Skills rankings for all event levels will be included in the VRC global
rankings (used for qualifying spots to the World Championship and
National Championships such as the US Championship)”

But, it says that you can qualify [only] at “official VEX Robotics Competition tournaments” without specifying whether it is a qualifying tournament or not. What makes a tournament an official tournament? It doesn’t have to be a qualifying tournament, correct? The pdf implies that there is a difference between an official tournament and a qualifying tournament, so if they aren’t qualifying tournaments are they just called “official scrimmages”?

Oh okay I see.
Well, unless I am reading this wrong, if it is listed as a skills challenge style tournament it might still count. I am reading this as if there is a difference between an “Official Qualifying Tournament” and Skills Challenges. Unless this is meaning the skills challenges at the tournaments.
Has anybody asked about this yet?

An official tournament seems to be different than a qualifying tournament to my understanding but I’m not sure.

Also, to my understanding, an “Official VEX Robotics Competition Tournament” is just a tournament registered on RobotEvents. I may be wrong with this as well however.