Northwest Maryland VEX Robotics Competition

The event has posted the trophies to be awarded.
Look under the “Awards” tab on listing on

Please review the criteria to be considered for the Excellence Award at this event.

See you there!

The Oct 27 Northwest Maryland VRC registration is currently 2/3 filled. This event will fill to capacity. We do not plan to raise the registration cap above the current 36 team cap, so if you are serious about attending the event, complete your paid registration ASAP.

The Northwest Maryland VRC is a great opportunity to try out design ideas in a competitive environment while we are still early in the competition season. Trying design ideas against competing teams is much more effective than testing on a practice field alone in your own facility.

Be aware that we cannot hold unpaid registrations once we fill to capacity. Unpaid teams will given a short opportunity to compete their payment, and then teams from the wait list will replace unpaid teams.

RECF has designated this a Level 1 Event, so we will only be qualifying the Excellence Award Winner for World Championship. The skills challenge results will be reported to RECF for purposes of ranking the top 30 teams in the world for skills challenge qualification for World Championship.

Question why is this only level 1? According to the posted qualifying criteria 36 teams should be Level 3. I understand limited spots in Worlds, but if there is not an objective criteria understandable to teams then the system will seem rigged. Can someone from RECF explain here?


The question regarding this event being designated a Level 1 event needs to be directed to the local RECF contact as we had no role in that decision. We had established the size of the event (36 teams) many months ago- well before RECF told us we were only getting one WC slot. The fact is, most Maryland events are only getting one slot for WC.

There are only 8 spaces left for this event. We will not be raising the registration cap this year. We have a couple groups in MD and VA that typically attend our events that would use all, or nearly all, 8 spaces if they do decide to sign up. If you plan to attend, get your registration submitted.

Thankfully we are already in. But to anyone looking for an October event this is a good one!


Registration is now full for the Northwest Maryland VEX Competiton on Oct 27th. We will start a wait-list for teams who did not get registered before we reached capacity. If any currently registered teams change their plans, we will accept teams off the wait-list (first come, first served). To be placed on the list, contact us at the email address provided on the Robot Events event posting.

We are now less than 2 weeks away from the Northwest Maryland VEX Robotics Competition on October 27th in Westminster, MD. We have 36 teams attending including some teams who have been strong contenders on the field and/or won awards at past World Championships, so there should be some great competition.

We will be webcasting the event. Please see the Robot Events listing and select the Webcast tab for details. We will also report scores to the Robot Events Results page (select Awards & Results tab).

In case you don’t feel like looking it up, here is the link to the Robot Events listing:

Eddie from Team 889A here. See you all Saturday and glhf to everyone! (Good Luck, Have Fun)

This is a reminder that we will be webcasting the Northwest Maryland VEX Competition tomorrow. See above for details.

We have a great track record for having snow storms when we host events. This year we decided to change things up and have a hurricane. Yes, the event will go on tomorrow. The weather should not start getting bad in our area until well after everyone is home.

Here is the link to the webcast.

Please email if you see any problems with the webcast quality. please don’t email about game play or Referee decisions.

A huge THANK YOU to all of the volunteers who made the event run so successfully today! It was amazing to be in charge of an event where everyone knew their job and they took care of everything, leaving little for me to do. It is such an honor to work with such a great team of volunteers!

Congratulations to all the teams who competed today. We had some fierce competition with some excellent robots. Hopefully everyone had fun!

Thank you for hosting such a great competition. This was easily one of the most well run events that I have ever had the pleasure of attending.

Awards winners are posted under “Awards” tab on listing on
Scripts for what the judges wrote about the winners will be mailed to the winners by the Event Director.

There were 11 great judges who volunteered to spend most of Sat. at this event. Some were brand new to VEX, and some had volunteered at a few events. Their day jobs included: systems engineer for the International Space Station, software engineers from companies such as, IT specialists for health care, test engineers from the military, program manager for STEM from Johns Hopkins; EE’s from two different huge corporations; a master in the HVAC field, a non-profit rec-to-tech center advisor and a national community youth organizer.

Many of these people are in the position to recommend students for internships. A story was told at opening ceremonies about just how this happened last year.

During the final awards ceremony I gave away all the secrets to judging.

Thanks to all the teams. You were great competitors.

Thank you for hosting this annual event. Our teams had a great time and we look forward to it every year.

Was a good competition. Thank you again for hosting. One day our team will actually have a robot that works.

Thank you,
James Gillespie

Agreed, another beautifully run competition put on by Dave F. and his many able volunteers. All of our teams had a great time. Many thanks!

Just wondering, are you going to post the video of the competition?


While we did webcast the event, we did not record it. So we will not be publishing a complete video of the event. Some teams may choose to provide videos of individual matches.

My teammate Grant uploaded a video of most of 24C’s matches throughout the tournament to YouTube, and you can find it here:

I will also be posting each video separately after I can get them all together. We may or may not have a Robot Skills video or two, as well. Those will all be uploaded to my YouTube account,, and posted to 24C’s thread: [