Northwest Maryland VRC Tournament

The Northwest Maryland VRC tournament will be held in Westminster, MD on Saturday March 14. Through the support of the CCBC TIME Center, the first 16 teams to cmplete their registration will receive the benefit of a reduced registration fee of $25. The normal event registration fee is $100. To qualify, your team must register and pay the $25 fee. After the first 16 teams, the registration fee will increase to $100. Please see Robot Events for all the details and registration. Some winning teams from this event will qualify for the VRC Championship of the Americas and/or the VRC World Championships in accordance with the VRC championships eligibility rules

Ten teams had signed up as of Friday. That leaves only 6 slots left for the reduced-fee registration of $25. Sign up soon if you are interested and want to minimize your cost! After the first 16 slots are taken the cost increases to $100 to register. This tournament will be a qualifying event for the VRC Championship of the Americas and the VRC World Championships.

There is still time to sign up for the VRC Tournament to be held in Westminster, MD on Match 14. We still have some spaces for additional teams. It is one of the last VRC events in the mid-Atlantic region where you can qualify for the VRC Championship of the Americas and the Vex World Championship. Register and come be one of the 24 teams to have a great time on the 14th of March!

Team 42’s Mostly Harmless is hoping to repeat their previous Maryland success (Dunbar Lab Rats Regional Tournament in November).

Dark horse Team 42X’s Detonator is hoping to bring home its first hardware.

I’m looking forward to a fun day with our gracious 4H hosts.

Good luck to everyone!

Cooperate like crazy in the pits,
Compete like mad on the field,
Cheer like everyone is deaf,
Dance like no one is watching, and
Drive it like you stole it.

PS: Don’t forget to tip the Head Ref :slight_smile:

Definitely a well laid out, fast-paced and exciting competition. It was great to see the different designs compete in suspenseful yet rewarding matches (Not to forget that the lunchtime dance fest was worth it too :stuck_out_tongue: ).

My only tip is that the skills challenges be manned and prepared at all times. When I went down to start there was a slight issue with supplies and moderating, yet it was started promptly and went well the rest of the day. In the future having the moderator there at all times with non-conflicting crystals will make the already excellent tournament even better.

Congrats to all teams that competed, and I hope this tournament makes a return next year!

We enjoyed hosting the 22 teams at our event today! We hope everyone enjoyed themselves. All teams worked hard, were great sports, but competed like crazy on the field. Several more teams have now earned a slot in Omaha and/or Dallas. Attached is the list of participating teams, the Qualificaton Match Results, Qualification rankings, and Elimination match results. We had 7 alliances of 3 teams each for the elimination rounds.
TeamInfo.pdf (132 KB)
Qualification_Matches.pdf (131 KB)
RankInfo.pdf (139 KB)
Elimination_Matches.pdf (121 KB)

An update to include the awards for the Nothwest Maryland Competiton (March 14):

Programming Skills Challenge: 2528- Western HS Robodoves
Robot Skills Challenge: 631 - Strike Freedom

Excellence Award: 1748A- Dunbar/Patterson HS Lab Rats
Judges’ Award: 2528- Western HS Robodoves
Community Award: 24, 24B and 24C (awarded jointly)- Super Sonic Sparks
Support Award: 768- Woodlawn HS Techno Warriors
Innovate Award: 631- Strike Freedom

Congratulations to the Super Sonic Sparks and Dave Franc. The NW Maryland Vex Competition was well run and lots of fun. Thanks!