Not Able to Display any image on brain. Says "No Data"

Hello, so I have been trying to get images to display on the V5 Brain via PROS Code and LVGL; however, everything I have tried has either led to a blank screen or a white box like the one below that says “No data”

I have tried using the SDCard (formatted to FAT32 as required) and stored the images. I have used the lvgl image converter in the CF_RAW and C_ARRAY configuration to go around the need for an SDCard to do so using this code below to no avail. I wish to display a small gif on the screen as well but haven’t been able to get images to display, let alone this. If someone could please help me with this, it would be greatly appreciated!

The LVGL image converter does not work correctly for the old version of LVGL that PROS is using.
use search, there are other topics that explain what changes to make.


After more digging around, I found this post, which solved the issue regarding the c_array. What about the SD card in general? I couldn’t get images from the SD Card to display images via lvgl either. It results in the image above. I am trying to use theol0403 gif-pros project in another project to display a gif, but nothing displays, or the no data box shows. I have tried re-formatting the SD card as well.