Not being able to join VEX IQ tournament

I recently tried to join a local competition, even though the standard registration is open, i am getting a message saying

(Team is already registered for a Regional/State Championship)

I am able to register for other tournaments in the country but not this one. Anyone know why?

Can you send an image of what is happening. It’s probably cause you already registered for those events.

From the error you’re getting, the tournament might not be set up correctly. Perhaps something else is going on. We can’t really say too much without providing the links to the tournaments.

At the time, when i tried to register there were 6 spots left, now it is full

Screenshot 2022-12-07 113006

It seems to be full now, but at the time there were 6 spots left

Yea this is out of the ordinary. Try sending a email to robotevents and ask them if this is an error on their side.