Not connected to internet message


The chrome book is connected to the wireless internet and is working, but we get this error. I connected it to an open Verizon hotspot and it also gave the message. I used my phone as a hotspot and the message persisted. We are very frustrated with a class of students wanting to run their robots.

Marcy Raymond

I have a chromebook, but to verify is Vex Iq Code up to date. If it is then check if Chrome Os is up to date. If both Chrome Os and Vex Iq code up to date then as it was sent in the picture above Vexcode is being blocked by a system policy to prevent general internet access.

Make sure you’re running the Chrome OS version of VEXcode (installed from the chrome web store) and not the Android version - the Android version will install and launch on a Chromebook but not compile or download code.

(ETA: Although reading the OP again, I’m not sure if “no internet connection” is the error message you’d get if you tried to use the Android version of VEXcode on Chrome OS :man_shrugging:)

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Ture, I forgot. Its possible your using the andorid app, make sure to get the app off the google web store on chromebook. VEXcode IQ - Chrome Web Store Here is the link.

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Here’s a KB article about this error message and how to solve it.

If the issue is occurring on multiple network connects (hotspot, internet, etc.) the blocking may be occurring at the operating system level (i.e. your administrator may have blocked something). Make sure you close and reopen VEXcode after changing network connections.