Not enough time

Don’t you just hate it when you come up with a much better robot design a few days before the next competition?
I just needed to get that out there.

The time is quite reasonable, should you plan accordingly. The FIRST Robotics Competition has 6 weeks to build a robot that weighs 120lbs, a large portion of which is made out of custom parts (unlike premade VEX parts). Considering VEX is all-year-round, we’re quite lucky with the time we have.

We have one 4 hour meeting until the next competition. That isn’t enough time to make a rebuild.
I’m only saying that it’s kind of frustrating.
Last year, team 6264 had on of the top 3 highest scoring robots in BC. (No particular order)
They tried to make a rebuild in the last week before worlds. It simply wasn’t enough time, even for them.

I certainly know what you mean, technically a robot can be built in 1.5 days with unlimited hours during that time. (For example, if I didn’t sleep, I could build a new robot before our competition on Saturday, but it couldn’t be nearly as good as a robot tested and programed for weeks) Besides, it would have to be something not all that creative… Still, I’ve had some ideas in the last week I would have loved to implemented if it hadn’t been the week before the competition.

Here’s the issue, even if you “have enough time”, you don’t have enough time. Something wont work the way it should and it will take twice the amount of time its supposed to, that just the way vex is. :stuck_out_tongue:

I know exactly what you mean my robot last year was absolutely awesome with practically no weaknesses… ONE WEEK AFTER THE LAST COMPETITION!!! This year I would have made the base wider for better feeding or go with a skills robot [\url] ](

does your state not have any more competitions before regionals?

Yeah but I don’t think we went to any :frowning:

At the end of the season, it could hold 5 cubes, score them all on a post with deadly accuracy, and still move fast. It was so pretty