Not going to be there :(

Sorry guys, this is a really important time for me in university, which I have to take really seriously, it just can’t happen.

Good news is that I’m killing it, which is what really matters!

Hope everyone enjoys the championship, good luck, safe travels, etc.


:frowning: I was hoping to be able to meet you there.

As was I. Thanks for all the help you have given us. I especially appreciate the field render you do each year.
Good luck at the university!:wink:

But how will you see my autonomous work?

Is this some sort of sick April Fools joke? :stuck_out_tongue:

Bad timing, ask me tomorrow I guess.

Don’t worry, he will be there. Darn April Fools. (I hope so anyways…because I also would like to meet the machine that is Cody in person)

Sorry guys, still have classes I can’t miss that week.

It really was bad timing.

If I had planned an April Fools, it would have been much more elaborate.

But Tabor, the joke about the autonomous working was a good one. I almost bought it.