Not Motion Code option visible

I have VEXcode installed on my high school lab computers. The students are using the text based C++ code option. However, when the students open VEXcode to a new project, there is no “Motion” listing on the left side of the work screen. In other words, there are only six of the color circles (Looks, Events, Control, Sensing, Variables, Functions) but not the seventh (Motion). Several of the lab computers have all seven, I do not understand why since they were installed the same way. How do I get the motion command to appear. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Add a motor or drivetrain under the port setup and the motion category will appear.


I think you’ll have to add a motor, as the drivetrain has its own tab. @dalequattrin, there are other catageories than those seven, but they don’t appear until you add other devices, since it would be silly to want to spin a motor (under the motion tab) if you haven’t configured any motors. As you add devices with different capabilities, more tabs will appear.