Not scoring strength points?

We are well into the season and it baffles our team to see teams not scoring strength points.
Our team always tells its alliance partner to watch the game play and don’t win by a landslide.
We have seen many teams loose picking positions after qualifiers because they tied other teams in WP, and AP, but were low in SP.
We just played a tournament and one of our alliance partners out right said “SP, we don’t care about that”. Miraculously we corralled 3 stars in our corner so our alliance partner would not throw them over the fence. So a whopping 6 pts received. Real frustrating since our team ended up undefeated and won all the autonomous points and ended up in 4th because of low in SP. Missed 3rd by 5 pts and second by 15 pts ( the top 8 teams were undefeated, the top 4 were undefeated and won all autonomous.)
What we are seeing is teams throwing matches in an unusual way. Don’t let your alliance partner get any SP if they are ahead of you in the standings.
Any other teams seeing this odd behavior?

All you need to know is:

The 0 SP dream

Most teams can get 0 SP in several qualifying matches a tournament. Not much of a dream.

What region are you from? This is definitely not the case in Texas…

Congradulations on all those programming skills awards!
Skyrise world champs. Tough game that was.

How many qualifying matches are you getting in a typical event? How many teams in a typical event? We typically get 7-8 qualifying matches per event and our events average around 32 teams. With that many qualifying rounds, it would be very difficult to see 8 teams go undefeated. We usually see one or two undefeated teams. Our teams are conscious of SPs, even if they have fallen to the second tie breaker as very often the top teams are winning most, if not all, of their autonomi.

In Indiana, our smallest is usually 38 and the most is usually 60. Almost always, we have 6 qualification matches.

64 teams and only 5 qualifers. So we figured there would be a bunch of undefeateds and sure enough there were 8.

We usually base our SP game on the competition. If we think we have a good shot of being the only undefeated team, we usually don’t sweat the SP’s. There are also key matches during a tournament where we know that winning will put us in the lead so we dismiss the SP game. However, when we do play for SP’s, we aim for a 10 star equivalent (counting cubes as 2 stars). If the other team wins auton, then lower it to 8. If they hang, then even less. We put priority on winning firmly, since we have seen teams play for SP’s and lose. Especially this year, since it is the second tie breaker instead of the first.

SPs this year are ridiculous - don’t score them out of protest . . . unless of course you care about your qualification ranking

I tell them to think about SP, but that seems to be all they do is think about it.

I think the new AP rule confused a lot of teams this year into thinking SP doesn’t matter. We just got done with our state competition and it seemed that only a small handful of teams fully understood the new system. But SP is definitely important. It is common to have the top 4-6 teams all undefeated and the same AP points at a large tournament. So SP is really, just as important as last year.

My team twice lost a match by 1 point by going for SP’s last tournament. They were the only two matches we lost and we would’ve been in first place if we had not gone for SP’s and lost those two matches. We still won the tournament but it was quite frustrating.

This years game is very difficult to tell exactly who is winning. When scoring SP you definitely have to err on the side of caution.

Indeed. Personally, I never go for SP. Maybe it’s just us, but whenever I go for SP, something happens to ruin the game and make us lose. Last time we tried it our clawbot partner died in the corner, and blocked in 20 points worth of game objects. Needless to say, we lost that. If you know tyat you’re good enough, maybe go for SP, but I would reccoment just leaving 4 stars or 2 cubes in the back at the most, because things can go wrong, and when they do, you want the least amount of points on your side as possible so that you don’t lose. Trying for SP is a very fine line that few are willing to read because it is so risky.

The last game with this many SP-induced “accidental losses” was Clean Sweep, which had the same game play dynamics. Those who do not study history are doomed to repeat it. :slight_smile:

Just a difference in philosophy here, but if I was to run a 64 team event, It would be 2 32-team divisions and I would still strive to get 7-8 Qualifying Rounds in per Division. I have done is as small as a 48 team event, to run 2 24-team divisions. Takes a little more manpower, and only a little more time, but the extra qualifying rounds are worth it to us. It better differentiates the teams, in our opinion.

It was certainly nerve wracking knowing only 5 matches.
Good point Artsy.Andrew. Anything can happen at any moment. Lots of flipped robots this year and when you least expect it.

We try to stick with either 5 stars and a cube in the far zone, or 8 stars in the far zone and a cube in the near zone when scoring SP to make sure we do not mess up and lose easy matches from trying to make our SP as high as possible.

It is terrible whenever you defeat yourself whenever trying to make yourself go up.

It just pains me to leave objects unscored… usually with the caliber of robots we face in qualifications here, scoring SPs means spinning in circles for the last 1:30 of driver control (whereas if I score everything, that’s cut down to 1:00 of spinning in circles). That’s not a fun way to spend the majority of my day during qualification matches, so I usually just score the points and try my hardest. I must admit that I do this also out of stubbornness - I feel like the SP system this season is wrong and rewards the wrong teams, so I don’t want to participate.