Notebook Binding Question

Hello all. Our organization has earned one spot at VEX Worlds 2017, and we are curious about how notebooks will be reviewed at Worlds. From daily entries, we already filled up three official VEX notebooks and will soon have a fourth. Our plan was to include these notebooks together in a three ring binder and to include final copies of our code in the ringed binder as well. However, we are concerned about whether this will be accepted by Worlds judges, since some teams have reported that notebooks in ringed binders have been rejected by at other events. To be clear, each individual notebook is bound and written in ink, all pages are signed and dated, and all pictures/diagrams are taped in and signed across the tape. The code itself has been included in the notebook as it was developed as well; only the final copies will be included separately in the ringed binder. Will this organization of notebooks be acceptable at Worlds?

Thanks for your question.

Teams going to VEX Worlds that meet the minimum requirements for notebook submission should be sure to start by filling out a Design Award Submission on the presubmitted awards page at This will include teams eligible for VRC Excellence Award, VRC Design Award, and VEX IQ Design Award.

Teams that have presubmitted for the Design Award will submit their notebooks at team check in.

In keeping with the official REC Foundation judging policy, all notebooks from teams that have filled out the presubmitted Design Award submission by March 20th will be accepted for review by the judges.

Teams that have filled up multiple notebooks should bundle their notebooks in a way that makes sense for the team. You may wish to bundle your four notebooks together in a box, literally tied together, or in a three ring binder to keep them together. The official VEX Engineering notebook has holes to allow multiple notebooks to be placed in a binder.