Notebook Dividers/Tabs

When dividing or tabbing a bound Engineering Notebook, what materials should be used (Post-its, divider tabs, etc.), and how should the sections be aligned? I have wanted to label the pages to be easily accessible for judges to view various sections of the design process, and make it easy to reference a page or idea. With a bound notebook, what style of labels will mark progressing ideas, and be easy to replace or hard to bend or break? Any ideas are helpful. Thanks, and have a great day!

Post it has some very nice tabs. I would recommend tabbing items in the rubric (brainstorming, downselect, etc) plus CAD and other key items you want the judges to see. However, I caution my team that “if you tab everything, you tab nothing.” Five to ten tabs is probably the most you should do. Again, this is my opinion and others may think differently. I’ve judged numerous times and find it distracting when there are post it notes on nearly every page. For one, I feel that I have to handle the notebook gingerly for fear of pulling the tabs off. And second of all, there is really no focus when everything is tabbed - because, in essence, when you’ve tabbed everything, there is no distinction between what is key and what is not. Less is more.

These are the ones that our team uses, however, make sure you do not “Overtab” pages, only signal the start of specific parts of the notebook(Game Interpretation, Design Process, Revisions from Competitions), as that got our team out of the running for awards at our most recent tournament.