Notebook Goals

It’s the start of a new season, what are your notebook goals this year?

My main goal this year is to get a 400-500 page notebook for my team.


Two years ago was my first season of VRC, and during the coronavirus break I’ve learned from my mistakes and now know how and where I can improve. That being said, for the 2021-2022 season I’d like to get 300-400 pages completed, stay up to date with the notebook, and be very detailed and thorough with my entries.


I’ve graduated, so I’m not competing or keeping an EDN this season, but after being the primary one in charge of the notebook for the past three seasons, I did want to mention here that the number of pages does not matter in itself. What’s important is the content. I would encourage you to focus less on the amount and more on the quality. For myself personally (and this may vary for other teams), I’ve found 200-300 pages to be plenty, while still being thorough and detailed. It’s perfectly fine to have more or less than this, just make sure that all of your content is relevant and serves a purpose (other than adding more pages).

It is great to see teams striving to improve their EDNs! It always works best to start early and have your goals set so that you can make sure to keep it up all season long! :smile:


I agree, the “Change Up” season has just ended and my team (5081-C) has just won the excellence award at vex worlds, our notebook only reached 50 pages, it influenced a little our situation in time, since We are a Colombian team and we only had a month to prepare, but if you start working now, 250 pages will be perfect, remember how important is quality and not quantity


This is great advice! Yes I do believe quality is greater than quantity, which is why a small goal of mine this year is to decrease the amount of filler content and add only necessary pages so that the notebook is concise for the readers and judges.


It’s worth mentioning that @BrainSTEM also was a recipient of the Excellence Award at the World Championship, so she certainly knows what she’s talking about!


My goal is to actually use the notebook for planning and thought processes instead of just filling it out for the competitions.


You may find this underwhelming but we won design award at state in TT with just a 44 paged notebook, although a lot of effort was put into each page. This year I have loftier goals of at least 100-150 pages, but I don’t think I will ever really focus on page number, because it is the content that matters. Also I’ve been getting better at notebooking, as well as thinking through what is important or significant to put in the notebook. I usually make a small draft before I write of what I want to include in an entry, I find that this helps to consolidate my thoughts.


We had an absolutely terrible notebook that we just gave up on this year so I want to write a notebook that is descent and doesn’t turn into a full on dumpster fire.


Same here. I just hope our dedicated notebooker and I can keep up with it.