Notebook help

Hello forum,
My team and I have been having trouble with our notebook. Our sister team has won design twice, and we are left without any judged awards. We have regionals approaching, and the only ways too qualify for worlds is by tournament champions and Excellence. Our goal is to win excellence, but we still don’t have a great notebook, which has cost us 2 excellence awards in a row. Anybody know what our notebook should or shouldn’t look like?

Here is a forum showing advice from me and many others on what a good notebook should look like. Try to always check the forums for answers before creating a new one.

Look at your sister team’s notebooks from the past three seasons. They are good example of growth in the design process in a robotics program that judges are looking at. Also look at the examples I have posted on Edmodo during the summer bootcamp. This guided multiple schools to develop excellent notebooks and to attain recognition Excellence Awards. Massachusetts middle school teams are really doing great in the area of design process.

Also note that the Excellence Award has other factors that are taken into consideration:

  • performance on the field in qualifying matches and skills
  • consideration for other judged awards
  • team interview
    Judges are free to take into consideration other factors.

At Southern New England Regional Middle School Championship there will be a solid panel of eight judges from industry and academia to review notebooks and meet the teams.

I would recommend this thread:
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